Conserva Irrigation Helps to Conserve Water Through Smart Irrigation Technology

Even though the Earth’s surface is 70% water, there’s a lot about that water you may not know. 97% of Earth’s water is actually undrinkable. Of the remaining 3%, only 1% is usable, as the rest is frozen in glaciers. While it may feel like there’s plenty of water to go around, that’s very far from the case. Water is, in fact, one of our most finite and valuable resources on the planet. Unfortunately, it’s often wasted; and through overwatering, broken sprinkler heads, busted lines and broken main lines is where a large portion of our water is wasted.

At Conserva Irrigation of Scottsdale, we believe that sprinkler systems can and need to be more efficient. In fact, responsibility is one of our core values. We’re responsible for the manner in which we leave this planet to our offspring and future generations. Wasting water is bad for the economy, bad for energy resources and bad for the environment as a whole. Through smart irrigation technology, Conserva aims to reduce water usage for irrigation purposes by up to 60%. You probably don’t realize how much water your home’s irrigation system uses on an annual basis. Think of the showers and loads of laundry you do each year – they use minimal amounts of water when compared to your home’s sprinkler system.

Just one broken sprinkler head can waste thousands of gallons of water during the course of just one season. What if you have five broken heads? Additionally, is your sprinkler system’s controller programmed in order to water your yard for the correct duration? If you’re unsure, then it’s probably time to give Conserva Irrigation of Scottsdale a call. As your sprinkler system caretakers™, we’ll ensure that your sprinkler system’s controller is operating on an effective and efficient schedule.

We offer a 100% free sprinkler system inspection in order to find out the areas of your irrigation system that need immediate repair. We also will be able to show you areas where your sprinkler system could use some improvement in order to conserve water. By conserving water, you’ll pay less money each month and still have a beautiful landscape or desertscape. Overwatering and under watering will never be something you have to worry about again. Smart irrigation technology will ensure that your sprinkler system only powers on when it’s needed.

To find out how Conserva Irrigation is transforming the sprinkler system repair and installation market, through smart irrigation technology, call us today at 480-616-4846 or email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Join Conserva Irrigation and support the National Mayor’s Challenge to educate Americans about importance of water conservation efforts.

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