Smart Irrigation Will Save Water & Money While Keeping Your Landscape Lush & Green

Every single day in the United States, irrigation systems use roughly nine billion gallons of water. If this number sounds too high to be true, rest assured it isn’t. Even worse, nearly half of the water used for irrigation is completely wasted due to overwatering and sprinkler systems that are incredibly inefficient Reducing the water usage, and wasted water, is exactly where smart irrigation technology comes into play.

Smart irrigation systems are designed specifically to run only when it’s needed. Different smart irrigation devices, such as the Toro EVOLUTION® smart controller, ET® weather sensor and the Precision™ soil sensor, operate autonomously. They communicate with one another and will determine if the weather and soil conditions make watering each zone the correct decision. If it’s raining, the system will know this and won’t power on at its next scheduled cycle. If the soil is already saturated to the optimal level, then it won’t power on. What if you have two out of seven zones where the soil has enough water saturation? The Toro EVOLUTION® controller will receive this information from the soil sensors and pause those two zones and run the other remaining 5 zones. It’s truly incredible technology that reduces water usage by 40 – 60% on average for irrigation purposes.

How Does Smart Irrigation Work in Scottsdale, AZ?

At Conserva Irrigation of Scottsdale, we’ve partnered with Toro to provide the best irrigation products and parts to our clients. The addition of the proceeding products to your irrigation will ensure that you have one of the most water-efficient sprinkler systems on the market – reducing your water usage for irrigation by up to 60%!

Here’s the line of Toro products we offer for smart irrigation:

  • Toro EVOLUTION Controller
  • Toro ET Weather Sensor
  • Toro Precision Soil Sensor
  • Toro T5 Series Rotor Heads
  • Toro Precision Spray Nozzles
  • Toro Rain Sensor
  • Toro Drip Irrigation
  • Toro Micro Irrigation

As mentioned previously, upgrading your system to the latest in Toro® smart irrigation technology will dramatically reduce your water use for irrigation purposes. With smart irrigation technology, your lawn and landscape will only receive the perfect amount of irrigation and not a drop more. This will also help your lawn and landscape’s root structure to develop more healthily. Overwatering is wasteful and causes your lawn’s root structure to develop in a poor manner. Reduce your water usage for irrigation, save money and keep your lawn looking great!

Start saving both water and money through smart irrigation with Conserva Irrigation of Scottsdale. You can reach us by calling us at 480-616-4846 or emailing us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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